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You Mean That's It?

Ever since we developed the grind log, there has been one thing that has been asked more than any other question. Everyone has been so used to manually logging their beef grinds and they didn't know there was an easier way. That is why the most asked question is "You mean that's it?".

Yes, It really is that easy!

When the USDA FSIS originally laid out their beef grind log rule, they had 14 steps you had to take to log your beef grinds. Then they met with the independent store owners and they all got together on a revised grind log that became the new rule. This new rule only has 5 columns of required information, and a comments column. We developed this Grind Log App using only those 5 necessary requirements.  The best thing of all is that the barcode already has 4 of the 5 requirements in it, and the other is just the establishment number and most of the time it is only a 3 digit number. Easy right?

You Don't Need Documentation For This.

That's right! You do not need documentation to use this app. This grind log app is faster and easier than anything you currently use to log your beef grinds. We invite you to test drive it next to anything you currently use. You will be amazed how fast it is. We know you will be the next to say "You mean that's it?".

But wait there's more!

When they find out how much it is to use Grind Log App they say the same thing... "You mean that's it?". Because it is only 99 cents a day for your whole meat department to use it! It costs you so much more than that paying employees to log their grinds manually. Yes.  Only 99 cents a day.

Your Daily Grind Just Got Easier!

Introducing the Grind Log App. Take it for a test drive today and receive a discount just for trying it out. It's like getting paid to test drive the grind log app. You can read all about it and take it for a test drive using the link below.