The USDA Beef Grind Log Rule

USDA Grind Log Audit

There are pages and pages of documentation about the USDA Grind Log Rule that came about in 2016. It may seem overwhelming, but it really is not difficult to understand. We are going to help you understand just what is required and what you need to do to remain in compliance with this rule.

The USDA Grind Log Rule

Here is what is required from the USDA. No filler text.  Just the facts:

The USDA requires official establishments and retail stores to record the information below when they grind raw beef:

  1. The establishment numbers of the establishments supplying the materials used to prepare each lot of raw ground beef product.
  2. All supplier lot numbers and production dates.
  3. The names of the supplied materials, including beef components and any materials carried over from one production lot to the next.
  4. The date and time each lot of raw ground beef product is produced.
  5. The date and time when grinding equipment and other related food-contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized.

What is a Ground Beef Lot?

The USDA defines a lot this way: A ground beef lot is defined, for the purpose of raw ground beef recordkeeping, as the amount of ground beef produced during particular dates and times, following clean up and until the next clean up.

How long do I keep USDA Grind Log Records?

The regulations require the records to be maintained at the location where the raw beef was ground, and the grind logs are to be maintained for one year.

How do I keep records for the USDA Grind Log Rule?

There are two ways to keep Grind Logs for the USDA.

Manual Grind Log

Manual grind logs require your meat department employees to write down the required information on a form and turn them in so that they may be kept for 1 year. Below is a manual form example.

Electronic Grind Log

Grind Log App does the work for you. It is faster and easier than anything you use to log beef grinds. One click live barcode scanning. One click save to grind. One click clean logs.

Grind Log App

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