One store owners reason for using Grind Log App

Grind Log App Reports

One of many stories we hear

As a developer of safety apps for independent grocers and butcher shops, we have received numerous stories and comments about our grind log app that logs beef grinds to meet USDA FSIS grind log law requirements .

There are many reasons that stores decide to use our App, mostly for speed, convenience and to be compliant. But at times we hear reasons we never thought about when we designed Grind Log Pro.

One Store Owner's Experience

I recall one phone call in particular a store owner called and asked only one question "does the app store my reports, if so, how long does it store them", my answer was "the USDA requires to keep reports for one year, our database is backed up and stores them indefinitely, we have reports still in the system from years ago".

A few grinds a day keeps the pain away

The store owner promptly replied "sign me up" my store only does a few grinds per day but I need to know I can pull up my reports at any time and I don't have to keep track of them.
He proceeded to tell me that he has always kept grind logs manually on paper, its not been a problem because they are a small volume store.

Where are our logs?

The USDA dropped by one afternoon and asked to see his logs, which he proceeded to retrieve from the stockroom. The reports were nowhere to be found. He soon discovered that one of his new employees,  he had tasked to clean the stockroom, cleaned a bit too much and disposed of the boxes containing his grind logs. He felt like a kid telling the teacher the dog ate his homework.

Peace of mind with Grind Log Pro

Now he has Grind Log Pro and can pull up reports at any time from anywhere with peace of mind that his store is compliant.

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