Why is the USDA Grind Log Law Important?

USDA Grind Log Rule

Meat managers and meat department employees are busy!

Butchers, meat managers, and meat department employees are extremely busy with everything it takes to prepare and make meat available to consumers. Adding one more thing to their list of tasks each day is not welcomed in the least. When the USDA FSIS released the new Grind Log Rule in 2016 many store owners questioned why they needed to do this.

The reason you do what you do!

We have been in the business a long time and we know how busy the meat department team is. What it takes to select, prepare, grind, package, and stock the amount of meat you take care of each day is a huge undertaking. But we know that is not the only thing on your mind. We know you care about the wellbeing of your customers and you care about their families. Why? Because everything you do in every task you perform can either be the best experience for your customers or lead to a pathogen that could harm many people and hurt your business immensely.  We know you take special care to provide the best quality meat that they will enjoy.

How this USDA Grind Log Law matters to you.

Because you care about the wellbeing of each and every one of your customer, you make sure you handle everything right every time! You don't want them to get sick or worse. It can happen very quickly without you even realizing it. The USDA has made this decision to help log your beef grinds, not to punish you, but to help you in your endeavors to keep all of your customers safe and healthy.

If something happens in any step of the way either from the manufacturers, or something unnoticeable throughout your process each day, you will be thankful you have something to trace back the product that made your loved customer's family sick.  You want to help narrow it down so the USDA can quickly provide help to that favorite customer, and anyone else you care about that could get sick as well. Because it is so important to you to keep them happy and healthy, the log was designed to help you help them.

How you can help in the easiest way possible!

You have two ways to keep your customers safe and healthy aside from everything you do in your daily grinds. We have made this super easy for you. See below.

Manual Grind Log

Manual grind logs require meat department employees to write down the required information on a form and turn them in so that they may be kept for 1 year. Below is a manual form example.

Electronic Grind Log

Grind Log App does the work for you. It is faster and easier than anything you use to log beef grinds. One click live barcode scanning. One click save to grind. One click clean logs.

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