Grind Log

Grind Log App

You Mean That’s It? Ever since we developed the grind log, there has been one thing that has been asked more than any other question. Everyone has been so used to manually logging their beef grinds and they didn’t know there was an easier way. That is why the most asked question is “You mean…

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One store owners reason for using Grind Log App

One of many stories we hear As a developer of safety apps for independent grocers and butcher shops, we have received numerous stories and comments about our grind log app that logs beef grinds to meet USDA FSIS grind log law requirements . There are many reasons that stores decide to use our App, mostly…

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USDA Meat and Ground Beef Recalls

How does the USDA track where this beef comes from? The USDA FSIS inspect ground beef and check for contaminants that could impact the health of many people. They check the logs and records of the retail stores and shops and trace the information back to the beef supplier and can narrow it down by…

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Why is the USDA Grind Log Law Important?

USDA Grind Log Rule

Meat managers and meat department employees are busy! Butchers, meat managers, and meat department employees are extremely busy with everything it takes to prepare and make meat available to consumers. Adding one more thing to their list of tasks each day is not welcomed in the least. When the USDA FSIS released the new Grind…

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The USDA Beef Grind Log Rule

There are pages and pages of documentation about the USDA Grind Log Rule that came about in 2016. It may seem overwhelming, but it really is not difficult to understand. We are going to help you understand just what is required and what you need to do to remain in compliance with this rule. The…

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